SUDC Competition Team: 

Our team challenges each dancer.

We teach hard work and dedication.

Dancers will build confidence and strength as individuals.

They will create long lasting friendships

Learn how to win and how to lose but most of all how to love what you do.

Our team is for the more dedicated performer who wishes to pursue a dance career in the future. This program is fun but requires hard work and commitment. Dancers work as a team to participate in competitions, conventions and community service events. Dancers are in the studio 5+ hours a week. They will attend conventions and participate in competitions through out the year. Dancers have the opportunity to participate in more events if they wish.

All dancers must be committed to their team year round, (September-June) and must attend all mandatory classes. One week summer intensive is mandatory.

Classes are set up for the benefit of the dancers. Mandatory classes can and should be made up. We believe the more rounded you are, the better person you will be. Too many missed classes will lead to probation.

There is no audition for our team. Just Passion and Commitment.

Email us for more information:

comp handbook

what I Need For Competition

How to do my makeup