Our Dance program is a great way for students to learn and grow as dancers. Dancers meet new friends while coming together in an activity they enjoy.

Some classes are in combination structure to get the most out of the dancer’s creative abilities. Ballet shows grace and beauty while tap is raw and rhythmical. Jazz is flashy while Acro gives you the strength and fearlessness to peruse stunts.

Ballet: The foundation of dance is recommended for everyone. In ballet you learn terminology, body placement and strength. These are explored at the barre, center work and across the floor.

Tap: Tap is about rhythm and musicality. Students learn how to count music as well as creating music with their feet.

Jazz: The many styles of Jazz will be learned in class. Focusing on the basic concepts of dancing as well as choreography. Leaps, Turns, Stretching, strength and so much more.

Lyrical: Dancing with emotion while using ballet technique. Ballet is recommended!

Hip Hop: Sharp and hard hitting moves. Much like you’d see on TV. Please wear Clean Sneakers

Stretch & Strength: Fitness for the dancer. Working to improve muscles to improve our dancing. half of the class focuses of intense stretching. No Recital Dance

Leaps & Turns: Jazz Technique focused. Progressions with kicks, turns, jumps and leaps. There is No Recital Dance.

Acro: The art of tumbling tricks. Dancers learn more strength related stunts. From rolls to back handsprings. Classes are level based for each individual.

Acro Prerequisties

Acro I : None

Acro II: Must have: Right and Left Cartwheel, solid bridge

Acro 3: Must have: back walk over, backbend, hold handstand longer then 5 seconds, round off

Teen Acro: 13+ Oriented towards older students. No experience required!