Our End of the year Recital is a performance opportunity for every student to show what they’ve learned over the year.

Our recital date will be the end of June an approximate date will be announced closer to the time.

There will be a dress rehearsal the a few days before Recital. As well as a picture day.

Costume Policy:

Each class subject gets a 1 costume and 1 dance in the show. Unless other wise noted. Combo classes will have 2 costumes and 2 dances because their class is two subjects. Costumes range from 57$-97$ This depends on amount of material used to make costume or your child’s size.

Once costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for full costume payment, even if the student withdraws from class prior to the recital. Costume companies are general in size and are not custom fit. You are responsible for minor alterations, i.e. hems, tucks, sewing straps or snaps. Recital costumes are given to students only after the tuition, costume balance, and if applicable, competition balances have been paid up to date. Tights and shoes are not included in the costume price. For any costume balances that are not paid on time a $20.00 surcharge will apply.

Any costume charges that are not paid in time, will need to be ordered at a later date and will cost as extra $25 per costume. No costume will be ordered without payment! Once you pay your costume deposit, you are responsible for the entire costume cost including the costume balance amount.

Shoes, Tights, Hair & Makeup

A list of everything your child needs will be handed out well before the time of the recital. Any questions feel free to ask.


Tickets are 15.00$-25$ each. Ticket sales help pay for the venue space. Everyone attending the show must buy a ticket to enter the auditorium. This includes performers . Children under 1 year old don’t need a ticket. If you wish to buy your dancer a ticket we ask you to please have them not wear they’re costume into the audience. Chaperones will be available back stage to watch children who do not have tickets.

Photos & Videos:

Please no video or photographs while dancers on stage. Flashes and bright lights from cell phones and cameras are distracting to dancers onstage. This could end in injury of performers.