Why Dance With Us


At Stepping Up Dance Center our goal is to develop well-trained dancers of all ages in a fun and safe environment. We allow them to freely express their inner feelings through movement while teaching them the correct technique and giving them the opportunities for them to succeed. Stepping Up Dance Center is more than just a dance school, we’re a team. We are about the growth of each individual dancer. 

Every dancer gets the same SUDC experience. It dose not matter if they dance one hour a week or 8. Each dancer will get the tools they need to succeed. 

~ Ms. Lianne Rempelakis

Lianne started dancing and competing in dance at a young age. She trained in a number of dance styles  including circus arts. She received a degree in Dance and Choreography with a minor in Art in 2014. While in college she did a lot of work in pedagogy and exercise science. She worked closely with public schools teaching dance as an art form. Besides training dancers Lianne has also worked for many years as a competitive gymnastics coach. Lianne is very passionate about creating healthy, strong and technical dancers. With all of these in her background Lianne has been able to create award winning dancers. Many of her dance pieces have won choreography awards regionally and nationally. As she continues to learn and grow so does Stepping Up Dance Center and her students. 

~Ally Woodward

Ally is an advocate and believer in dance and the benefits dance has on children. Ally holds an Elementary Education, Math and Dance degree from Rhode Island College. Dancing on the Hose Island College Dance Company gave her the opportunity to learn and work with many artists and increase her dance knowledge, education and skill. She has just finished her masters in special education. Ally believe in continuously learning, growing and developing in any way possible. As Ally continues to learn and grow from the many kids she works with she hopes to inspire and motivate them in new ways to love dance, be creative, and express themselves.